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Trousers off, Laptop on...

Okay, so I don't always write in my underwear. It is more of a brand gimmick based on a photo I took of myself sitting in front of my MacBook wearing a lovely pair of pale blue Diesel briefs. I use it on my website homepage and as my Instagram profile picture, and I think it probably attracts attention from my most likely audience. However, I am all too aware it probably puts off many people who may actually find my writing quite interesting.

I also label myself a 'gay author', which is accurate, but I feel I should reiterate all that means is I am a gay man, and some of the characters in my books are also gay. You don't have to be gay yourself to read them. I enjoy reading books written by straight people. You can do it!

But this blog isn't about justifying my brand image. It is just to let you know I am back in my metaphorical briefs, working hard on my third book. It is a stand-alone novel focusing on the lives of two misfit boys who meet at school. We follow them as their relationship grows, as does one of the boy's love for performing magic. But all is not as it seems, and there will be tragic losses and devastating public scrutiny when Patrick takes his magic to the stage on a national television talent show. It isn't going to end well.

That's it; teaser over. I shall return to today's writing which will be taking place mainly in a saucy little black Bang&Strike jockstrap. The teaser is really over now. What am I like? 😝

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