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Richard currently lives in Burford, Oxfordshire, with his husband, Scott.

A black and white picture of the author, Richard Godfray-Hoare,

"Despite a long-held ambition to be a writer, crafting many a story in my late teens and early twenties, life seemed to take a different direction for the next thirty years or so.


COVID lockdown, and some mid-life crisis self-questioning, presented the opportunity to try again. Through my debut novel, "Echoes of a Boy", I hope I have managed to craft an interesting concept piece. A fictional whodunit, interlaced with a biographical commentary.


My second offering, "If I Had Died Last Summer", is a collection of short stories again drawn from my youth, although I have also included a number of new creations. Similarly to "Echoes", there is also a brief commentary after each story for some additional insight.


And now, I have completed my new novel, "Enigma: A Twisted Tale of Love and Magic", telling the tale of a schoolboy romance between Patrick and Craig, which blossoms over the years along with Patrick's increasing magic skills. There is a tragedy to be overcome along the way when their relationship is discovered by Patrick's religious parents, but nothing compared to the developments following Patrick's stunning audition on Future Stars, a TV talent show he has been desperate to showcase himself on.


I hope that I continue to write engaging, memorable stories, and although his new offering will take you once more in a different direction, it is undoubtedly in my style. Clever, twisted, and attempting to place LGBTQ+ characters at the heart of mainstream fiction. Enjoy!" ​


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