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Subject to change... but here is the draft teaser cover and blurb to keep you all interested.


Patrick Morgan is a loner at school but finds solace in his magic. When Craig Newman comes to his rescue following a disastrous performance at the end-of-term school show, a secret romance blossoms.

They will face tragedy after Patrick's religious parents uncover the truth of their friendship, but their relationship will stand the test of time until one day, Patrick's thirst for attention leads him to audition for a TV talent show.

But nothing is ever as it seems…

Richard returns with a heterogeneous collection of short stories. Once more drawing on the past, having rifled through old papers and manuscripts from his youth. Each idea has been revisited with older eyes. Some have been modernised, a couple left firmly set in the past. And, as with the title story, If I had Died Last Summer, there are some entirely new creations from his adult mind.

There are tales of time travel, horror, and adultery. A foray into the supernatural. A story of corporate jealousy and a somewhat embarrassingly misogynistic attempt at erotica. And halfway through, there is even an attempt to reimagine a literary classic! All in all, a plethora of stories covering murder, mystery, sex, greed, tragedy, and downright betrayal, ranging in length from flash-fiction to the cusp of a novella.

As a gay author, you can expect a thread of homosexuality throughout. But this is not gay fiction. These are just stories with some gay characters, as in everyday life.


Coming Spring 2023


A unique concept in storytelling for a debut novel/biography.


A past ambition to be an author revisited during the COVID pandemic lockdown spawned this concept piece which takes an original crime fiction novella, written in the authors late teens, and wraps around it the biography of his life to date.

A murder-mystery set in the grounds of a boys boarding school, and an insight into the mind of the author, the events that shaped the fiction, and the subsequent years filled with echoes from the past.

A whodunit, by whodidit, and why…

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