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My First Magazine Interview

Today I am celebrating a small milestone with the publication of my first magazine interview in the acclaimed Hanborough Herald (certainly acclaimed by me now I am in it!)

I have mentioned in previous blog posts that the marketing of your book once published is far more challenging than the writing process itself. Or at least that has been how I have found my personal self-publication journey. No complaints, though. I am loving every aspect of it.

Social media continues to be my main focus, attempting to grow my profile on Instagram, which remains my platform of choice, although I am dabbling with others. But I also sent out some feelers with local publications to see if anyone was interested in writing an article on a local author and his debut book. The response was underwhelming.

Let me clarify. I am not talking about national publications here. I reached out to the local village magazines and papers, the ones where you can check your bin collections or what time the car boot sale starts. Unfortunately, two did not acknowledge my enquiry at all, and my most local was disappointingly dismissive.

However, as you research the trials and tribulations of writing, whether self-published or traditionally published, you learn rejection is the norm. Nevertheless, you must not be deterred, and on the heels of failure comes success.

Enter the Hanborough Herald, who enthusiastically engaged and put together a two-page spread in their March edition. Thanks so much to them. They will forever be my first. Read below (page 26/27).

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