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Let the naked dreams commence...

So, my second book, If I Had Died Last Summer, has just been released, and for some reason, I am feeling much more anxious than when I released my debut, Echoes of a Boy, last year.

Don't get me wrong; I am happy with the book itself, but for some reason, I am much more nervous about what others may think this time. Perhaps because the overwhelming amount of feedback on Echoes was positive, there is added pressure to live up to expectations. The dreaded second album syndrome!

Now, if you have read my first book or indeed follow my Instagram account, you could be forgiven for thinking I am not exactly the shy and retiring type. The book is candid in all areas, and it is not uncommon for Instagram to feature my underwear or even a naked buttock or two! Don't be fooled; I am a shy boy at heart, honest!

Fortunately, despite obviously being nervous, I do not suffer greatly from stress. Or at least not in a way that physically impacts me. Sleepless nights etc... But what I do suffer from, when I am worried about what people may think about me, are the naked dreams of this blog title. Invariably I will be at work or in the high street, initially confidently strolling around in the buff, until eyes start to fall on me, and I become increasingly conscious that the onlookers may be less than impressed.

Anyway, if you would like to review my literary nudity, there is a link below. Or for full-on, full-frontal nakedness, you'll have to catch me in a dream sometime soon.

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