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It’s almost time…

So, it's been just over a year since I released my last book, and the time has come to land my third creation upon you all from 23rd May.

This time it is a novel about two schoolboys and their blossoming relationship following a disastrous magic performance at the school talent show by Patrick Morgan, a quirky lad who struggles to fit in.

After befriending Craig Newman, also an outsider but somehow able to avoid the torment Patrick suffers at the hands of the school bully, they form a bond that will last a lifetime, however long that may be.

As the years pass and they work their way through a teenage tragedy, Patrick's magic career develops, and in his twenties, he is driven to appear on Future Stars, a television talent show. His performance wows the audience and judges alike, but there follows some controversy, and Craig is once again required to get them through it.

An m/m romance with more than a sprinkling of the steaminess you'd expect from adolescents discovering themselves, magic too, all alongside tragedy and mystery to boot.

Of course, this is from my twisted mind, so nothing is quite as it seems!!

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