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Instagram Fakes & the Blue Tick Challenge...

So, I have been drawn back to my sporadic blogging by some Instagram frustrations...

I am a very keen Instagram user, and I believe I post a good variety of pictures and stories that represent my life, as well as promote my writing. I am currently sitting at just over 8000 followers, some of whom I believe to be actual real people, and I enjoy engaging with them if they have questions about my work. However, of late, there has been a constant bombardment of spam messages from busty ladies wanting to share their sexy photos. And on top of that, I have had three fake accounts set up using my pictures since January!! (included in this blog's photo for anyone who would care to report and block them)

I have reported these accounts as impersonating me, but on each occasion, the Instagram response is that they are too busy to deal with all the support requests they receive, so the accounts have not been removed, and I should block them if I don't want to see their content. NOT GOOD ENOUGH!

Then I thought, surely this qualifies me for a Blue Tick? I am an author with two (soon to be three) books published, and although I understand I am practically unknown to the world, people clearly want to impersonate my profile online. Three in as many months, in fact. Alas, my last Blue Tick application was declined, but I am trying again today and will reference this blog as one of my justifications. Wish me luck!

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