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Got me a logo... I'm officially a Brand!

Happy Friday, everyone. Just here to dump a few small thoughts before heading out to start my weekend, which will primarily involve a three-day bank holiday weekend beer festival at The Mermaid in sunny Burford.

I have spoken before about the various challenges of marketing yourself once you have completed the initial missions of writing and then self-publishing a book. Aside from the actual creative process of putting a story down in words, I feel I have also had to master many other skills over the last year.

My CV can now include proofreading, editing, KDP formatting, cover design, Amazon ACX publication, financial bookkeeping, social media spamming and, latest of all, logo design!

Joking aside, it's just another small step on my author journey. It is still just a hobby, really; it doesn't pay the mortgage or anywhere close. But nonetheless, I am enjoying the whole process ever so much, and seeing the sales drop in and the reviews and the pictures people send me of them enjoying one of my books is all just a bonus.

So, keep an eye out for the new logo, as I no doubt blast it all around my social media until people are bored to tears with it. I will still find time to finish book three, though, I promise!!

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