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And I thought writing the book would be the hard bit!

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

Following the publication of my debut book, Echoes of a Boy, late in August, I have spent the subsequent weeks discovering the joys of marketing and all it entails. I have also taken some time to create my author website, of which this blog is a part.

I have to say, it is not the enjoyable bit! Don't get me wrong, seeing some fruits from your labour with sales trickling through is definitely rewarding, but it is no labour of love. Posting on social, engaging with influencers, following up leads, hitting brick walls! I certainly have a newfound respect for the marketeers. Get me back to the writing!!

You will see from my books page that I have a couple of new projects in the pipeline, but I will also try and take some time out from those to maintain some input into this blog. No promises, but I will try my best. I am an old dog, learning new tricks. Be patient.

If you have been kind enough to read Echoes of a Boy, I would love to hear your views through Amazon reviews, or directly through my site. All feedback is good feedback, apparently! And if you would like to be updated on forthcoming releases, feel free to subscribe to my mailing list.

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