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middle-aged gay man clinging on to a dream of retiring on the proceeds of his writing. Seemingly at his most creative while in his underwear.

A picture of Richard Godfray-Hoare in his underwear, sitting in front of his laptop.

"When the urge takes you, write something. Write anything."

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Book cover of Enigma: A Twisted Tale of Love and Magic. Bloodied rabbit ears protruding from a black magician's tophat
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Patrick Morgan is a loner at school but finds solace in his magic. Following a disastrous performance at the end-of-term school show, Craig Newman comes to his rescue and a secret romance blossoms.


They will face tragedy after Patrick's religious parents uncover the truth of their friendship, but their relationship will stand the test of time until one day, Patrick's need for adulation leads him to audition for a TV talent show.


His magic astounds the audience and judges alike during his audition, but when the program later goes to air, Patrick's credibility is challenged when controversial journalist, Matt Turner, questions his abilities and makes allegations surrounding some uncomfortable events from Patrick's past.


Of course, nothing is ever as it seems…

“What a remarkable book. I have never read something written in such a uniquely creative way. Clever story and an insight to a fascinating life, an author with raw talent and intellect.”

Josh Pittaway, Amazon

“An interesting concept intertwining the author’s biography with a work of his own unabridged fiction written as a teenage boy. Both threads are captivating in themselves but the analysis and self reflection brings the whodunnit to life. Very much a page turner. A clever, enjoyable read.”

Geraint Jones, Amazon

“Really enjoyed this book, a refreshing different concept that I have never come across before. A mystery entwined with the authors own personal coming of age. Brilliant”

Carol Hemming, Amazon

Reviews for Echoes of a Boy

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